Finding My Inner Truth

Recently I have had a complete transformation of myself. I have learned there is a higher power at work and I need to follow my inner voice to guide me along the way on this miraculous journey of my life.

At forty-four, I am finally learning how to love and honor myself. It has been a long time coming. I have always been a woman of tremendous strength and have had to endure a life of hardships that over time have weakened me. Through self-reflection I have to come to realize that I have not loved or honored myself the way that I should have. I have allowed people in my life to cross boundaries that I have set, mostly due to my fears of inadequacy and not feeling complete and comfortable in myself. By allowing them to cross these boundaries and not holding them accountable for their actions it showed them that I did not honor or love myself and why should they.

This week I made a decision out of love, love for myself. I knew that it had to done a while ago but again due to fear I was not able to make that decision. I set a boundary once again and it was crossed. I stated the repercussions for crossing this boundary and followed through with it holding this person accountable for their actions. For the first time ever I chose to love me more.

This decision to love and honor myself came at the exact time that it was supposed to. I had the knowledge that I could not continue with the same patterns of my past. I had to look inside and search for the answers to help and guide me to follow through with this transformation of myself. If I was going to truly love and honor myself I would have to be strong and love me more. The time has come for me to put me first.

Loving and honoring myself made me finally realize that I deserve so much more than I have been given by the people in my life. If I can love and honor myself the people in my life will love and honor me as well and my life will completely transform. I am so much more than just my outer appearance and by looking outside for what I needed to feel inside left me feeling more alone and lonely even though I am surrounded by people. I see now that I can truly live the life that I deserve to live with love and honor for myself.

By loving and honoring myself I have been able to see the world through different eyes. I see myself as someone who will choose not to let fear run her life and someone who has a tremendous gift to offer myself and everyone around me. Letting go of past hurts and feelings of inadequacy had given me the chance to truly believe in myself and feel that I am perfect, whole and complete just as I am.

Terri Ann Stroesenreuther

I'm a stay at home of a 4 year old little girl and have 3 sons in college. We lived in Arizona for 2 years now and love it.

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About Terri Ann Stroesenreuther

I'm a stay at home of a 4 year old little girl and have 3 sons in college. We lived in Arizona for 2 years now and love it.


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    I loved reading about the strength and self-love you have found, as well as speaking up and setting boundaries to protect your precious self. You are so right about first finding love and honor for yourself in order for others to see your shining self. So keep on shining, and know that you are beautiful, just as you are :)

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